International Programs Photo Contest 2009


Below are the entries in the Owls Abroad category for the 2009 International Photo Contest. Students were asked to share their best shots of  themselves and peers abroad. We are looking for photos that will make others want to study abroad, shots that make a statement about their experience or shows them interacting with the host culture.

Vote for your favorite photo below! Winners will be displayed at the Global Temple Conference on November 17 in the Howard Gittis Student Center, and on the International Programs website.

1. 01














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  1. Voting for Photo 6…The Temple Program in Brazil was the most amazing and thrilling experience of my life. Our group became like a little family. We learned so much and had so much fun throughout our six weeks program.

  2. Compositionally speaking, this photograph is well done, as there is a strong spiritual connection attached making it interesting.

  3. This picture although very subtle, captures the purpose of study abroad. It can be captioned “Looking through their eyes” or something similar.
    Patricia Obilo
    Study Abroad Alumni

  4. I chose no. 8 because the scene is simply breaktaking. I felt as if I was actually standing at the foot of the mountain.

    I also liked no. 11 because it appeared to be peaceful oasis in the middle of arid, barren place.

    Great photos!

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