Crazy Fan Girls Part II


After SISTAR’s recording, we went to find food and a place to rest until CNBLUE’s performance at 1pm.  All the surrounding coffee shops and food places were filled with fan girls. After lunch, we ended waiting outside in the rain again. KPop has a variety of fans. Although most of them were made up of middle schoolers, there were many Japanese and a few white people. There were even ahjummas in their 60s present.

Crazy People (including me):

I saw fans with bags and gifts prepared for their idols and even a girl with a cake for CNBLUE. Markers and papers were passed around for the fans to write little messages and confess their love to their favorite group. My group was waiting near the car entrance where you can sneak a peak at the cars that enters and which idols are inside. It was comical to watch the one intense middle schooler fan who kept knocking and screaming through the glass window to the security guard inside his box, wanting to know whether CNBlue arrived yet and when will they get here. Finally, a black van passed through.  Another one of my new little friends missed it and started to to cry because she missed their entrance and took too long to realize her idols were inside. I honestly do not think they were in the van though and that she was overreacting.

Pestering the poor security man:

At 1pm we were called in line and then the “official” fanclub staff went through the lines and marked are wrist with numbers and rudely pushed everyone around into different lines. You were rearrange based on what merchandise you bought. I started as number 87 but ended up at the very end of the line because I only had a CD. Everyone else had their latest CD plus fan club membership, the fan towel, downloaded the CD off of Melon (a music website), and I don’t what else. I guess I am not a big enough fan to waste all my money but even while waiting to go inside, the official fanclub staff tried to sell more of the CNBLUE fan towels. I thought the CD was expensive enough. It’s okay though, I was just happy to get into the recording.

Inside I was in the last row and we got to watch another performance before CNBLUE’s turn. The group was called Sunny Hill. They had to do their performance four times. Each time, the staff messed with the lighting often blinding us by directly shining the lights forward towards the audience.

Finally, the stage was rearranged and mopped another couple of times for CNBLUE. They are so much better in person!!!! Although the performance was not completely live since the instruments were not plugged in, the singing and drumming were.  During their performance, the official fan club staff would direct us what to do and when to scream.  Fans would sing along at the chorus and sway their fan towels back and forth. After CNBLUE’s first performance, they interacted with the fans and prepared for the next performance. This time the stage was fogged with smoke. CNBLUE only performed a total of 2.5 times but I really enjoyed it. Some fans stayed since they were rich, early, and crazy enough to get into CNBLUE’s later live performance. For me it was a long and tiring day, and I’m not that crazy to want to do it again in the future, but I guess the performances were really worth it. I just love sleep too much.

CNBLUE’s performance (They used the one where Jung Hwa–lead vocalist forgot some lyrics)


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    • I bought CNBlue’s album for 16,000KRW or about $14…the price varies depending on the aritist and where you buy it and what comes with the album. I think 16,000KRW is average price though.

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