Pictures of India


The palace is beautiful and I spend mornings sitting on a porch and writing my thoughts of the day before, but sometimes the internet can be a little testy and not let me download pictures. Today I got lucky and I am going to download as many as I can for you. I hope you enjoy!

Below are pictures from music class.

This is my dance and drum partner Julia playing the tabla.


Here is the dining room and all its glory. This is where we spend about 4 hours a day eating, talking, and figuring out what we are going to do next.


About ricaperez

I am a 34 year old college student who is only one semester away from getting a degree in Biological Anthropology. Most people want to know what that is and it is the study of the human lineage, understanding of where humans originated from and where they are going. I have started a blog because I am going to be studying in India this summer 2012. I will be learning about the culture and specifically studying Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga.

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