Diner Dash in Japan…sort of!



So hopefully you’ve heard of the game Diner Dash by now. In the game you are a waitress named Flo, and you seat customer as the come in, take their order, and serve their food, but you must do all of this within certain time constraints. You must keep the costumers happy so that you can earn more and more money, and continue to have more customers. It is a strategy game where time management is key. But, the purpose of this post isn’t to tell you how to succeed in the game, but instead, show you a way to experience the game in real life, from the point of view of the customers.

How is this possible? Because Japan has thought of everything. In the ward I live in, Itabashi, there is a certain restaurant near Jujo station named “Coco’s Restaurant.” No, it’s not the infamous “Coco’s Curry House” (which is what I thought upon entering) but it does have it’s own appeal. Once you go to Coco’s Restaurant, you feel somewhat like you’re in the game Diner Dash.  Let me explain.

The layout is not much different than any other restaurant you might be used to. You walk in, a waiter/waitress seats you, and you browse through the menu. Pretty typical of every restaurant right? Well, once you’re ready to order, that’s when the game begins.


You see this? This is the button you press whenever you want….anything. Now these “ringers” are pretty typical in Japanese restaurants. Unlike American restaurants, the waiters don’t constantly check on you to see how the food is, if you need more water, etc. Whenever you want the waiter’s attention, you press the button which alerts the staff to come and take care of your needs. In some restaurants you have to yell “Sumimasen,” (Excuse me) and someone will come over to you.

Well, at Coco’s you press this button, and a number appears on this call board, (which is the number for your table) The waiter or waitress rushes over to you and takes your order, or refills you drinks, or does whatever you are calling them over for. But here’s the thing, in all the times I’ve gone there (which is way too many) I’ve only ever seen two waiters in the restaurant at a time, and the restaurant is pretty big.

That’s where the Diner Dash element comes in. The customers are constantly pressing their buttons and these two waiters are rushing around between all of the tables, making sure that everything is alright, and then rushing over to the front of the restaurant to usher in customers and seat them as they walk in. They also work at the register when you’re ready to pay for your food. It’s pretty amazing to see. A few times our waiter was out of breath by the time he reached our table!

But, despite how hectic it feels at times, the service is always good and the food, even better. Let me just show you what I mean.






How’s that?? Are you hungry yet?? Believe me when I say, it’s as good as it looks, and the price is reasonable as well! So when you come to Japan, remember Coco’s Restaurant. It’s delicious, service is fast and friendly, and you get to feel like your a customer in the Diner Dash game!! What more could you ask for? So make sure you check it out, especially if you are a girl and living in the dorm, because it’s just a few blocks away!! No excuses! Until next time!! (⌒▽⌒)☆


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