Welcome to Tokyo: Spring 2014 at TUJ!



We’ve finally arrived in Tokyo and have settled in! The Spring semester has begun and the city of Tokyo is as beautiful as ever.


The all-girls Kitazono Dormitory is a lovely place to wake up in, especially because of the fantastic view.


Another welcome sight is the nearby pastry shop, a convenient and delicious breakfast option on the way to the subway station! They also have amazing quiches.


After a pleasant walk to the subway station and a quiet train ride, we arrive at campus for our first day of classes.


The lobby of TUJ’s Azabu Hall is modern and inviting, it was helpful for the transition back into student mode after a long Winter break.


The Azabu cafeteria has the famous and amazingly convenient Japanese vending machines, offering a perfect hot chocolate or coffee for a mid-class treat. While I’m not used to heated drinks from vending machines like this, I’m already unsure if I’ll be able to live without them.


Finishing classes for the day, we head to the local ramen joint to get some hard earned noodles.


Delicious and cheap! Ramen is always a great lunch, we’ll definitely be returning to this convenient spot.


Still hungry, we traveled back home to Itabashi-ku, the neighborhood of the Kitazono dorm. We stop to pick up a few sticks of yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) for the walk home.


While the exact parts of the chicken meat that are available are usually a mystery, tastiness is always a guarantee.


Tokyo streets are a pleasure to walk through. The neighborhood of Itabashi-ku is always safe with unceasing hidden surprises down every alleyway, one of my favorite characteristics of this endless city.


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