Amigos Animales


Oviedo is a very pet-friendly city. It’s quite common to see people walking their dogs along the streets and in the parks throughout the day.


My host mom has a Yorkshire Terrier named David. He’s 12 years old, but he’s still an energetic little fellow.


We also have a rabbit in the house. His name is Tambor, which is the Spanish word for ‘drum.’


La Basilica de San Julián de los Prados is a Pre-Romanesque church that was built during the 9th Century. It’s located fairly close to the Milán Campus of the University of Oviedo.


Oviedo boasts some impressive views, such as these snow-capped mountains that can be seen in the distance.


Even in February, we’ve been having some warm days that are great for exploring different parts of the city.


This huge modern-looking building holds the Ayre Hotel and the MODO shopping center.


The tower of the Cathedral of San Salvador is always useful for finding your bearings because it stands out above the rooftops of most of the other buildings.


A waiter pours sidra in the traditional Asturian fashion. This sidrería is on Calle Gascona, the most popular street for cider bars in Oviedo.


It’s typical for bars to serve tapas with their drinks. On this particular evening, we had potatoes and calamari.


Chuck and Mary pose in front of some graffiti on a wall along an alleyway in the old quarter of Oviedo.


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