Granville Road


Classes have started to pick up, which means less time for me to go out and explore. I’ll be able to survive as I still have 5.5 months left in Hong Kong so I am in no rush. My room mate and I have been planning our future adventures and I am thankful that the both of us get along.


So I have visited Tsim Tsa Tsui a few times since I have arrived in Hong Kong, and it definitely is touristy area but there is a section where a lot of locals shop and hangout at. Granville Road is only a small section of Tsim Tsa Tsui, but do not let the fool you! This block is filled with shops operated by many local designers alongside big international brands like Cotton On (Australian) and Monki (Swedish brand now owned by H&M). When you begin walking on Granville Road you’ll see all the different kinds of fashion styles of Hong Kong.


Granted I visited Granville Road on a Saturday (worst decision ever) there were people everywhere. From normal shoppers to tourists with big suitcases rolling down the street (I had to be careful to not get my feet rolled over) the block was packed.


One of the amazing things about Hong Kong is how they utilize the space they have. Because rent is ridiculously high in Hong Kong, most stores here are about the size of an average bedroom in America. It is also normal for stores to open up on top of other stores, which means you have walk up the stairs and sometimes into a residential floor to enter a store. Because of the lack of space, shopping can be a pain when you are trying to enter a small store on a street, and even more of a pain if it’s crowded. My room mate and I have learned how to squeeze our way through crowds, but we also have those moments where we’re like “forget it” because we’re just tired of shoving people out the way. These are the times that made me realize how much I miss the open space we have in Philly.


On Granville Road, there is a part where the street begins to section off and it is called Granville Circuit. Granville Circuit can be considered an alleyway, but it has been revamped into a young and trendy place to shop. It also has the Rise Shopping Arcade, which houses a lot of independent local designer stores. While exploring this section, I stumbled upon more Hong Kong snack food stands! Hong Kong is a safe country and is known for its low crime rate so it is normal to find a section stalls, restaurants and stores hidden in alley ways.

P1040750Even though Granville Road is only 2 blocks, I think I stayed here for about 3-4 hours. There are so many stores packed onto this street that it’s insane. Aside from stand alone stores, there are mini shopping malls on this block so every single space available is used up to its fullest potential.


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