Disneyland – The Happiest Place On Earth


Midterms are finally over which means I have some time to relax until finals come. To ease off the stress from midterms, my cousins and I planned a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. HK Disneyland is the smallest of the five Disney theme parks in the world, which means you can finish exploring the park in a whole day. Hong Kong houses two theme parks right now, which are Disney and Ocean Park. Ocean Park was established first and also has cheaper admission rates (I think adult tickets are around 300HKD which is roughly $40USD) compared to Disney where adult admission is 450HKD (Tip! If anybody plans on studying abroad in Hong Kong and loves Disney, I suggest you to get the Platinum yearly pass, which is 600HKD for students! This allows you to get multiple entries vs. 450HKD per entry and special park benefits).

Getting to Disneyland was really easy. An MTR stop and train carts were specifically built for Disneyland so it is really hard for anybody to get lost going to Disney. For students carrying the student octopus card we sadly don’t get 50% off our whole entire ride to Disney but it is better than nothing.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disney theme park of the five in the world but do not let that fool you. HK Disneyland has three areas that the other parks do not have, which are Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point. I was most excited for Toy Story Land because it is one of my favorite Pixar movies. The park is built to make you feel like a toy, so everything is “life-sized.” The rides in Disneyland are pretty mediocre, nothing too overwhelming for young children, so if you were planning to come here to scream your heads off I suggest Ocean Park for that. The lines for most rides moved fairly quickly, the longest wait was probably 20 minutes which is nothing when you compare it to the lines at Six Flags or Dorney Park on a crowded day.

(In front of Hong Kong’s version of Cinderella’s castle)

I stayed at Disney for about 5-6 hours and I would’ve stayed until the park closed to watch the fireworks but my cousins and I were tired and hungry. We headed to Yuen Long in New Territories near where my cousins live for dinner at a cheap Korean restaurant. I miss a lot of types of foods from the States, but I missed Korean food the most. It is actually quite hard to find authentic and cheap Korean food in Hong Kong so I was looking forward to dinner that night. It was a nice day/night so we sat outside on the street in front of the restaurant for dinner. At that moment, I actually felt like I was in “Hong Kong.” The atmosphere and the area I was in played in a big role because Yuen Long still retains the older aspects of HK compared to Tsim Tsa Tsui or Causeway Bay and it was also a Friday night.


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