Starting Fresh


The most exciting part of preparing to leave for Artena, Italy on my excavation is realizing that this month long excursion will leave me feeling fresh: Fresh full of life and adventure. As time gets closer to departure, which is now only a week away, the excitement is growing. I’ve lived in cities all my life, so I am absolutely THRILLED to stay in a small town in Italy. And let me tell you, it’s also been extremely fun to prepare for my trip.

Preparing is an adventure in itself. I got to buy items I never would’ve normally bought, like steel-toed boots, sunscreen for my face, a dorky hat, and any clothes that aren’t black for that matter. I got to buy these items knowing I was going to be achieving my life goal of participating in an excavation. I know this program will change my life and perspective, and that is so utterly refreshing. I went shopping with my cousin for all the necessities, like shampoo, hair ties, and pants that archaeologists wear (which I only guessed because I have no idea). I also happen to love packing….. just not the unpacking part….. but I put on some music, jammed out, grabbed what I thought I’d need, and started packing. The little fun things truly make life awesome!


I also got the opportunity to get my passport for the very first time, which was much simpler than I thought it would be! All I needed to do was contact a post office that took photos for passports. I then needed to print out a form, fill it out, and bring it with me, as well as proper documentation. Then I got my photo taken at the office and received my passport in as little as 4 weeks. Easy, right?


Though the little things like shopping and packing were fun, I must say: the support I got from everyone was truly inspiring and heartwarming. I had a fundraiser event at my job, where I raised a lot of money for my program; thanks to all my friends who donated. I also had a going away party with family, and I also got more support than I could ever ask for. They all chipped in to get a gift bag full of essentials for my trip. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to afford to study abroad, but everyone should realize that there will be people around you that are willing to help you. You may be surprised!


I am ready to embark on my journey! Pictures and experiences shall be shared accordingly. Let’s see where this adventure takes me!


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