Midterms Week: South Korea Edition


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Grab yourself a tall glass of Espresso, Iced Latte, or the go to drink for everyone in Seoul – Ice Americano. That will surely get you through the day and possibly the rest of the week!

I don’t know about everyone else but midterms week is here at Yonsei University and everyone is currently buried in their books and notes. Honestly, back at Temple, when it came to midterms, there was less stress in the air. And that was mostly due to the fact that I knew what to expect from Temple professors since I have taken classes with them prior.

But for some reason, my anxiety and stress levels have seemed to reach an unhealthy level here. With the combination of new professors, different teaching styles and being in a totally different country, midterms week is much harder here for me personally. With so many classes to keep track up, I can understand why many students here like to shut themselves from the world either at a quiet cafe or a 24-hours study room at the library. It’s the only way they’ll actually get anything done.

But in all honesty, although the stress of exams are lingering in the air, it’s the perfect time to find your go to comfort zone. Some people start to develop their own unique studying space; some people work better in loud places with a big study group, others like to study at their dorms in the comfort of their pajamas. And others, like me, like to seclude ourselves at quiet cafes.

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Sometimes, the best cafes to study at are the ones that you hear little about. Here in South Korea, chain cafes such as Holly’s Coffee, Starbucks, TomNToms and Caffe Pascucci are always crowded with students. No matter what time of day or if it’s midterms or finals week, it’s always packed with students and the younger generation looking for their next cup of caffeine.

However, I learned that you can really immerse yourself in the cafe culture here if you take the road less taken. In a sense, don’t be afraid to walk down the smaller alley ways and quieter streets. These gems usually hold the best cafes in the city in my opinion.

And the best thing about the cafes here is that if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find one that makes all their drink fresh to order; hand pressed and hand dripped coffee right at your service. And it comes in a nice fancy cup too! Although its only the second day into midterms week, don’t be afraid to explore because you’ll be surprised in what you can find here in Seoul.

But aside from the cafe frenzy, always remember to take care of yourself first. Now that the weather is getting much cooler here in Seoul, everyone here is getting into the fall spirit. But with colder weather, brings the flu. So until then, study hard but remember to bundle up and enjoy your cup of caffeine!


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