After almost 24 hours of travel, I’ve finally arrived in Prague. It’s my second full day here, and it feels like it’s been weeks!

My flight was about 7 hours to Lisbon, Portugal, where I had an 8 hour layover, followed by another 4 (ish) hour flight to Prague.

Notes on long travel:

–Pump  your legs and change positions as much as possible while flying. Your lower legs can easily swell and become uncomfortable, especially on very long flights, and the best way to combat this is movement.

–Drink plenty of water. Another way to help keep your body as balanced and comfortable as possible is by staying hydrated. It is imperative for your in-flight comfort, as well as for post-flight walking and baggage collection; you’ll feel less exhausted the better you take care of your body.

–Try to sleep on the plane. It can be tempting to just watch movies the entire flight, but overseas flights usually take off at night, and you’ll be arriving to your destination or layover airport in your internal middle of the night. It’s nearly impossible for me to take my own advice here, as I have never been able to actually fall completely asleep on a plane, but even resting your eyes and body can help keep your internal clock as regular as possible in anticipation of your time adjustment.


After moving into my apartment (lugging what felt like hundreds of pounds of luggage up winding stairs, with some gracious help from new neighbors), getting everything settled, meeting my new roommates, and trying to adjust myself to the time difference, even just the first few hours alone were surreal and dream-like.

That night, we had a group dinner/Prague-walk. After getting to know the people in my building  for the first time, we headed down to the restaurant below our apartments (which is apparently famous for housing the largest beer selection in the Czech Republic…!) to hang out before walking through old town to our dinner. It was a great and convenient way to experience Czech culture for the first time.

After the meal, where we got to meet students from the other buildings as well as get to know our advisors, all 85 of us walked through Prague at night, seeing old town square and the astronomical tower (fairy tale…completely) and Wenceslas Square, which is in the new town of Prague.

Today was our first day of our two week language-intensive course. We were lead through the commute to school on the metro, went to our school building for a quick tour, then went to the more main part of Charles University, where we’re technically studying, for an orientation and lunch. The area surrounding the school is hilly, so the walk from building to building was beautiful (if VERY icy).

Two busy days post-traveling was exhausting, but exciting and fun; we’ve really been thrown into the study abroad experience.


The photo attached is from my first stroll around old town during the day. Although it was cloudy, and the cinematography student in me is still internally crying about the quality of cloudy-day photos, Prague’s well renowned beauty lives up to the hype. prague.JPG




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