First Traveling Experience



Since I wrote about my plans to travel last week, I thought I’d give a round up post about my experiences this past weekend. This was my first trip out of the Czech Republic, and only my second out of Prague since I arrived, and, for me, the timing was perfect; I’ve been in Prague for long enough that it’s become comfortable and feels like a secure home base, and I feel comfortable coming and going from it logistically. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to travel– I had an absolutely amazing time, and I’m so thankful for the ability to take advantage of the easy access I have different parts of Europe while I’m here.

My flight to Scotland was less smooth than I would have hoped; I had a connecting flight, and although I theoretically had plenty of time to make my next flight after going through immigration and security again, the airport was extremely slow moving and took forever, even though it wasn’t crowded. I literally sprinted through the airport to make my flight after getting through security, and only made it by the skin of my teeth, the point is that I made it, and arrived in Scotland safe (and stressed) and sound.

After meeting my sister at the airport and taking a train from Glasgow to my friend’s university, we got a little night-tour of her town and had dinner in a favorite place of hers. Another great part of studying abroad at the same time as friends, is that you get to meet their new friends as well–my best friend got SO lucky with her new roommates and friends. We had a great time together, and I’m thankful to have more friends scattered around the world.

We traveled to St. Andrew’s University (where Prince William and Kate went…bucket list item checked off for me) and bopped around the town, enjoyed the coast and sea, and admired ruins and graveyards in the area. It was absolutely stunning, and felt like a real Scottish experience.

The next day we went to a soccer (sorry, football) game, which, although we were told it was “not that big a big deal” because it wasn’t a close game, was SO much fun. The U.K. soccer craze is real.

We also met most of my friends family, who live in Scotland, and got to explore Glasgow and Edinburgh and their respective universities, as well. Both cities, though very different in feeling, architecture, and even personality, are gorgeous. I already have plans to return.

Although the scenery and history was amazing, the best part of this trip, and honestly every one I’ve ever taken, is the people. Both getting to see my best friend and meeting new faces were the best parts of the trip, and it’s reaffirmed my commitment to living a life that prioritizes loved ones, experiences, and travel rather than material.

My flight home was smooth sailing (but intensely bittersweet), and I can’t wait to jet off to my next destination (after enjoying some down time in my beautiful new home, Praha.)


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