Food & Culture (Venice, Italy – 2017)



SU17101 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Study abroad students Danielle Hope Abrom (Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience) and Justin Asaraf (Film) enjoying authentic Italian cuisine in San Marco, Venice, Italy. (Photo Credit: Mohammad Ibrahim)

SU17102 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Did you know that Venetians eat their pizzas with a fork and knife?

SU17103 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Le Rio Della Fava (“The Canal of Beans”) is almost 600 feet long and separates the sestieres of Castello and San Marco.

SU17104 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

A 40 Minute Firework show set off from Guidecca over the Non Basilica del Santissimo Redentore (“Church of the Most Holy Redeemer”) during Festa della Rendetore (“Festival of the Redeemer”), celebrating the end of the 16th Century plague; magically reflecting off the waters of the San Marco Waterfront! (Photo Credit: Mohammad Ibrahim).

SU17105 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

A diagram of our paradisiacal dormitory on Venice International University’s Campus on San Servolo Island! (Photo Credit:

SU17106 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The clear sunset view from our island’s dock 🙂

SU17107 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

A 1€ espresso takes 5 seconds to drink but will last you 5 hours (Photo Credit: Mohammad Ibrahim).

SU17108 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

While studying abroad, internet speed can be very important. This cafe we found before class runs at 35Mb/s!

SU17109 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Enjoying an authentic Italian lunch with our class in the 12th century city of Padua.

SU17110 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Unique European urinals lend students alternate perspectives on study abroad life!

SU17111 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Ryan Hupp (Art History), Mohammad Ibrahim (Producing & Communication Studies/Hebrew), Danielle Hope Abrom (Neuroscience, Acting), Kasey Blair (Speech Pathology) enjoying Italian Americanos at Dersut Caffè near Campo Dei Frari.

SU17112 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The beautiful view of a Venetian sunset from the back of the Vaporetto water bus.

SU17113 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The sculpture “Lion of Venice” is found here atop the “Column of the Lion” in Piazza (Plaza/Square) San Marco. A primary symbol in Venice, the winged-lion is also the type of trophy awarded at the Venice International Film Festival (Leone d’Argento/d’Oro).

SU17304 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Film major Mohammad Ibrahim struggling to define his feelings regarding Damien Hirst’s exhibition “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, at Palazzi Grassi.

SU17309 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Way back when, steam (vapore in Italian) was used to propel boats. This is where the term “Vaporetti” (water buses) stems from.

SU17314 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

When it rains, it pours. (Photo Credit: Mohammad Ibrahim)

SU17118 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The Grand Canal is the major Venetian waterway that snakes through the city.

SU17317 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

With only 12 bathrooms at €1.50 each, and 12 million tourists a year, we have become experts in seeking secret toilet spots around the city. (Photo Credit:

SU17318 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

Danielle Hope Abrom serving coffee to her fellow students before class at Caffe Las Ramblas (beware, you may be next).

SU17320 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The crew drinking smoothies while waiting for the Vaporetto in front the Chiese Di San Zaccaria.

SU17321 - Venice - Justin Asaraf

The tides are higher than you think.


Study all day, party all night…or something like that.

IMG_0690 4

Finally get to check “riding a boat to class” off my bucket list.

FullSizeRender 12

Mohammad knows that you could visit ten thousand times and never run out of new things to discover.


Hotel Danieli in San Marco has great bathrooms for the next time you forget to bring €1.50 for Venice’s public restroom. Just walk in the hotel like you live there!


An €11 dinner at our dorm on the San Servolo Island gets us a drink, a fruit, 2 vegetable dishes, a main dish (meat/fish), yogurt/pudding, and a piece of bread.


Gam Gam, the kosher restaurant located in the Jewish Ghetto of Cannaregio offers delicious traditional Israeli salads.


The best (or maybe not) way to dry laundry in Venice!


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